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Hi! Been doing Currently entries in my other-more-public blog in Tumblr. And, I have decided that I will do the same here in my other-more-personal blog. And, as this is my “more-personal” blog, I hope that I’ll be more open with whatever I will post here. I hooooope! Shall we start now? 😊


just random posts in the internet. I was looking for blog post inspirations and decided that I will start on writing about my currently-s. So here it is! And, by the way, my best friend (Hanna) and I planned to make a book club and it will “officially” start next month. So here how it will go (this is just so common!). We’ll choose a particular book to read it and meet after to discuss the book. I thought about it randomly. I badly want to go back to reading and I though this could be achieved with people who will do it with you. We wil not just go back to reading but also we’ll be able to do our once a month gathering (urgh! Finally!).  So, I immediately thought of texting my almost 12 years beshy at 3 AM! She responded in the morning and was so excited about the plan! So, we will be reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. We will start with a light read. So, excited! 😍


I feel writing about my weekend. Yesterday, we had our 175th Relief Society Anniversay celebration. I was part of the planning and did what Sis. Capitulo (RS Stake President). I suggested the theme (after doing some research) and they accepted and we worked on it. It was a success! A lot of sisters approached us and told us they enjoyed the activity and it was one of the best activities we had so far. We had an evaluation and they told me that they will call me to be part of the presidency. Sooooooo, oh-my. I liked it though. No no no. I love it though! I found it as an opportunity to stretch again and learn from the wonderful sisters in the presidency. So, I’ve got something to look forward to. 😍


to my sister’s kwentos. She just got home from a meeting in the Church. And, she has been talking A LOT Take note, we were together in the Church huh. And here I am. Trying to finish this entry and actively listening to her. Ate duties!


I have been thingking a lot lately (kelan ba hindi?). One, a good friend told me she’s pregnant. She got married last January and they are expecting their first baby soon. I am so happy of them! Seriously, but that “oh, mejo nahuhuli ka na” thought came to me. Hahaha. 😅 If you know, a lot of my friends have been getting married. Just this year alone, 5 of them tied the knot (hello, March pa lang tayo!). And more are comming pa. But, oh well.In the Lord’s time table, mine will come too.

I am thinking of my plans for Grad School. I dreamed of my favorite college professor  (Sir Nico!) during my afternoon nap. I can’t remember what happened but I just thought that this is the  universe telling me that I must work my butt off if I want to start my grad school studies this year! I listed down my plans last night in my Bujo and hopefully I can finish every thing before April ends. Yes, I am going to “deadline myself” (I know this sounds like a weird language but this is an inside joke for people who are working in the ESL industry like me. 😅). I know if I push myself like this I’ll be able to achieve this more. Sooooo, fighting! 

Mejo nagiging sakitin ako lately. And, I DO KNOW it’s because I have been taking my health for granted. I don’t sleep that much and just kept on watching random things online instead of sleeping right after doing my before bed rituals. *sigh* I went to the doctor last Friday and had to go back tomorrow for my urinalysis and ultrasound. Kinda scary but I can’t neglect what I am feeling. *sigh* I realized that I have been taking for granted the inspiration I received to work harder on living the Word of Wisdom (the Lord’s law of health). Now, I am suffering the consequences. *sigh* I hope everything will turn put fine.

 (I want to tell more about this part but I’ll just put it into another post. 😄)


for a week off from my work. Hahaha. Just a little me time for me and do the things I badly wanted to do. But, work is work. And, I needed to do work because of my plans this year. So, ayun. Push lang! Kaya ‘to! 


for a MORE productive week. I haven’t had my weekly planning yet. I have to catch up with my Coursera courses and start my admission essay.


my blue shirt and the skirt I wore in the Churh this morning.


some sleep! It’s almost 12 now and I haven’t read my scriptures, finished my weekly and daily planning, written my journal entries (probably write them in my SuperNote muna).


satisfied because of the successful activity yesterday.

happy because a tatay in Church this morning told me I look magandaI was so shy! It wwas badly needed for me who’s been doing self pity games lately.

sleepy! Time hit the sack now!

That’s all folks! I hope that all the plans we’ve set will be achieved. May all of us have fruitful week!



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