A Memory and A Reminder

I love Facebook memories! I saw this one and surely, Heavenly Father knows I needed this one! Right now! Maybe you too! 😊


” Therefore God gave unto them commandments, AFTER having made known unto them the plan of redemption.”. -Alma 12:32

It was in the mission that I gained a better understanding of Heavenly Father’s wonderful plan of redemption. Better but still, an imperfect understanding. With this knowledge, I received help to get over with my “whys” and change my questions to “hows”. With this knowledge, I was strengthened to keep moving forward, to strive to become better each day. Above all, it helped me to remember that trials, afflictions, sorrows, and pains are but of a small moment. Temporary. That in God’s perfect timing I’ll be happy. That the imperfect me will be perfectly happy. 😂 👊

Want to know more about this wonderful plan? The missionaries can help you! #lds #hallelujah #mormon

I hope that this will enlighten you, too! Good night! 😉



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