Currently| 03

It’s already 2 am here and I decided to write this post (actually my second for today). I have to wake up really early for work tomorrow. It’s raining cats and dogs here in Manila so, I have to leave the house really early to avoid traffic because of the floods I might encounter. Anyway, there are a lot going on my mind now and I can’t help type those to avoid the “noises” in my head. 

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Currently | 02

It’s been a while since I made a blog entry. Life in general has been pretty complicated for me. Adulting has taken my life in the past few months. I was sunk deep in my worries. I felt sad and anxious, but things are getting better now (I hope!). I will make another post for these worries and let me just focus on my “Currentlies” for now. 😉 

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Our Potential to be Extra-ordinary

“And yet, even in my “ordinariness,” Heavenly Father saw value and has helped me begin to develop the gifts and graces He knows will help me become all that He has designed me to be. Know that your Heavenly Father will provide all that you need to become “extra”-ordinary as a daughter of God. The wonder of His heavenly economy is that every single one of us can be spectacular because of our unique bundle of talents and abilities. Unlike the world, in His kingdom there is no winner’s platform that only has room for one or two. Each of His daughters has been taught and prepared and gifted premortally with marvelous potential to become a queen in the celestial kingdom.”- Sister Bingham (BYU Women’s Conference) 

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